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Work title: Không gian (Space) 

Media: Rice paper, 3d printing and lime plaster


In my artwork titled "Không Gian/Space," I find inspiration in Vietnamese traditional rockeries, "Hòn Non Bộ", which grace the serene landscapes of rural homes and sacred temple grounds. Through my involvement in the  Vestibule’s Artist Publication, I have immersed myself in working with rice paper, using this material to create a sculpture that captures the essence of these rockeries.


The enigmatic nature of space unfolds within the hollow of this sculpture. Understanding the truth of space requires engaging in a deep dialogue with its inherent nature, acknowledging its existence even when it is overlooked. By utilising rice paper, my goal is to construct a space that reflects the fragility and vulnerability experienced by beings as they navigate their distinct abodes, while also embodying endurance.


The luminosity and translucency of the material reflect notions of fragility and impermanence in the ever-changing landscape. My work highlights the delicate tension between strength and fragility, referencing the structural resilience found in man-made and natural worlds.


My sculpture takes a daring approach, departing from the conventions of traditional rockeries. Upon closer inspection, the customary Buddha statue, typically found on rockeries, is replaced with a half-man figure dressed in construction worker attire. This figure is meticulously crafted using lime plaster in 3D printing technology. This departure aims to delve into the intricate interplay of cultural and societal dynamics, challenging established notions and encouraging viewers to contemplate the nuanced narratives that unfurl before them.


My artwork serves as a vehicle for (de)constructing and transforming the individual spaces that each being occupies. It encompasses tangible and restored memories, real and illusory realms, and fluid concepts of here, there, somewhere, nowhere, infinite, and boundless.


The sculpture will be hung on the floor's surface, to enhance the presentation and engage viewers in a unique manner, creating an unconventional and thought-provoking experience.


"Không Gian/Space" is an artistic exploration that invites viewers to question established boundaries and narratives, while embracing the profound interconnectedness of our diverse experiences within the vast realm of space.

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