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Underground Archives 

A collaboration with Central Saint Martins Museum and Sutudy Collection

Underground Archives is a part of collaborative work focus on responding to the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection. The collection is part of Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection. Inspired by material in the collection these imaginative new works produce new associations, meanings, and resonances.

Underground archives

Mix Media: found object from the London underground, resin, and beeswax

Dimension: 20x20x5


The piece was developed following my participation in Reassemblages, a Central Saint Martins project which focused on responding to the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection. The work is framed around three main areas of my research – performing the archive; performing the architecture; and performing the retrospective – and considers how knowledge production is never conclusive, but always a point of re-activation.


Though not an installation piece per se, each cube sculpture points to a socialist impulse that runs throughout the work, in which objects found on the London underground appear – like the worker on strike – in stasis within the cube, like artefacts questioning hegemonic power.


Using cube shape represents a man made object – somewhat like urban transformations and ruptures brought on by privatisation. Presented like fragments of fossil, the work archival research critically considers infrastructure, people habitat, and specifically the effects of urban developments on social groups.

July 5 - 27, 2022

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